So, you've just passed an order and are wondering what's happening now?

Here's our order sending procedure:

1 - Order Handling

Once your order has been passed, it takes us 1 to 7 days to pack and send it. We mainly use two type of package:

              Small bubble envelope (B5 format) for orders with CD only

              Large bubble envelope (B4 format) for orders including one t-shirt


2 - Order Sending

All orders are sent via Swiss national post services. The package is then transmitted to the Swiss post partner in your country to be delivered at your door.

Standard mode is Economy with no tracking in order to have the cheapest shipping costs.


If you're wondering why the shipping costs are still high, know that shipping services are expensive, especially as weight of the package increases. We're aware of it and the current prices are the results of a long optimisation process on both package format and weight.

3 - Shipping & Delivery

Here are the announced shipping time announced by the Swiss post services in working-days (monday to friday):


Destination                   Prioritary                Economy

Switzerland                    1-2                            2-3

Europe                           2-4                            4-12

North America              3-7                            7-15

South America              3-6                            10-25

Asia                               3-81                          10-20

Australia                       4-6                             7-15

For a more precise estimation for your country, please see the Swiss post travel time page here


Please note that it sometimes takes a few extra days to deal with local customs!

If you happen to have any further question, don't hesitate to contact us at webstore @